Our previous projects

Residential Scaffold

This particular property in Bognor Regis needed roof and eaves repair. To make access easier, a scaffold at the front of the property was erected. Our challenges for this project were the brickwork and glass windows, ensuring no damage to the property or glass occured. Another consideration was any debris damaging the glass windows.

The project was completed successfully, in a timely manner with no issues from the temporary structure used. A ladder was not suitable for this project due to the height of the property.

Commercial Scaffolding Project

This project was a large scale building site with multiple properties being constructed on the outskirts of Chichester.

These properties required a slate roof, which meant a scaffold that provided front and rear access to the property was needed. This facilitated the 35 property development to arrive on time.


Some of the services we offer

With over 25 years experience we've seen it all. We can acommodate both commercial and residential projects. Below are a few examples of services we offer: