Domestic Scaffolding Chichester

Domestic Scaffolding in Chichester

Here at Scaffolding Chichester we're proud to have offered our Domestic Scaffolding service to residents within West Sussex for over 25 years. Safety is our first priority, therefore we are proud to be accredited by CHAS Constructionline. Our team of scaffolders are proud to maintain great relationships with customers, suppliers and other trades on worksites. We have been praised many times for our manners, consideration for neighbours and friendliness!

Our chichester scaffolding and Bognor Regis team are on hand to provide a perfect service. This is reflected in our client base and reputation in the West Sussex area. We have proudly offered this service for more than 25 years and have build great relationships, knowledge base and problem solving skills like no other.

Think of us as an essential add-on to your work-at-height projects in West Sussex. Scaffolders provide a safe method for tradesmen and homeowners to perform renovations, refurbishment, restoration and repair work. When choosing Scaffolding Chichester as your trusted provider, we ensure safe access to your structure.

Why should I use Scaffolding?

Working at height poses a number of risks. Using ladders can result in serious injury if not erected correctly, or because of faulty equipment. There is also a limit to the weight a ladder can support, the alternative being a scaffold to support you and your equipment. Some structures can be mounted to wheels, allowing the structure to be moved when needed.

Some of the most common reasons to use Scaffolding are...

  • Extension to your property
  • Roofing repair or replacement
  • Brickwork repointing
  • Cladding installation
  • Exterior painting

Choosing the right team of scaffolders is important. We are proud to serve the industry for 25 years helping both domestic and commercial customers. We have undergone CITB training and carry CISRS cards to verify our knowledge in the field.

If domestic scaffolding is a service you are looking for, please pick up the phone and give us a call. Our team is happy to assist in any way possible.

We offer a large range of domestic scaffolding solutions, including:

  • Health and safety planning
  • Chimney scaffolding
  • Loft conversions
  • Roof and window access
  • General renovations
  • Guttering, soffits and fascia
  • Waste removal chute
  • Sheeting
  • Debris netting
  • Edge protection and handrails
  • Safety inspections
  • Alarm protection
  • Public license application

We have been serving the whole of West Sussex for over 25 years with our domestic scaffolding service. So no matter you needs or the size of the work, we are the team to rely on. We pride ourselves on flexibility, reliability, politeness and comprehensive service provided.

When it comes to domestic scaffolding, we should be your go-to company. During the time we have been established in the industry, it's no surprise we have maintained an outstanding reputation in our local area.

1Are you qualified?
Yes! We have over 25 years hands on experience in the industry. This has exposed us to a wide range of challenges we have tackled.
2Will I need a permit?
If your scaffolding will cover any public paths or footpaths, you will need a permit to obstruct these walkways temporarily. Get in touch with our team who can help with the application process.
3Does Scaffolding need to be inspected?
Yes, every 7 days from erection the structure should be inspected until dismantled. If exposure to severe weather conditions such as rain or heavy winds, the structure should be re-inspected.
4Why use Scaffolding rather than a ladder?
Scaffolding is a lot safer than ladders, as weight is dissapated over a larger base, and isn't susceptable to movement when erected correctly. Scaffolding also offers a larger area to work from, which is important when using heavy materials or operating power tools that may sway a ladder and topple over.